February 21, 2011

I look back at my marriage and my choices for the five years I spent as a wife and even though my husband betrayed me and broke his wedding vows, I have no regrets. I look back and I do not regret my actions and choices – in my marriage and during my divorce.

This is what I realize:

I was committed and loyal;

I decorated and made our marital home comfortable and nice;

I cooked;

I grocery shopped;

I cleaned;

I finished my masters degree and found the job I had been wanting;

I worked hard;

I was honest with my husband;

I asked for his time and attention when needed;

I gave him space when needed;

I spoke up;

I took care of myself;

I took extra care of myself when pregnant;

I laughed; I cried; I worried; I got angry;

I trusted.

I look back and I know I did my best.

I do not regret that.


2 responses to “Regret

  1. How beautiful. What an inspiration. As I wait for my very soon to be ex-husband (VSTBEH is what I have come to call him on here) to call for a *hopefully* civil talk for once since this madness began, I read this post and just started crying. You are a strong beautiful soul. Thank you!

  2. So true. We just lived. No regrets in that. There are (or should be) regrets in lying and cheating.

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