In The Garden

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This is my first summer discovering this flower.  It has endured the hot, humid New England weather.   The petals close at night, leaving me to wonder which are going to come out again tomorrow and which will need to be pinched from the bunch to make room for new ones.

Apricot Purslane
I love flowers in the Portulaca family because they never seem to die from bugs and they persevere through many kinds of weather.   This started as a small plant, grew slowly through the summer, and then doubled and tripled in size.    The flowers open during in the day, but stay closed morning and night.   I usually find ants crawling over petals and leaves, but luckily coexisting with the plant rather than destroying it.


2 responses to “In The Garden

  1. Beautiful photos! Those are two of my favorite flowers. The gazania will bloom forever! I plant them in the spring, and they last till the late fall. The bunnies love to nibble the ends of the flowers when they are closed up at night, but they still look great.

    • Thanks Jennifer! There is a resident chipmunk under the porch but he (or she) has seemed to leave the flowers alone. I love how bright these flowers are and the small flats I had planted in boxes are blooming all different colors. These are definitely my new favorites!
      – Carrie

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