If it’s a grade of average in a course or class, it can be acceptable.  I tried.  Not necessarily my best or my worst.   Or I tried my best, and it was a difficult level of material and all I could hope for is to obtain an average level of completion.

The work days are short when teaching classes. Finishing even an average level of the required paperwork would be acceptable.

Keeping up with an average level of cooking, cleaning, laundry, even socializing.

It’s all acceptable.

When my child had (and will, in the future, most likely have) an average type of teacher, I think it’s not.

When I experienced an above-average type of toddler teacher – one who described my son’s likes and dislikes in the daily note; one who sang to my son and taught him songs that he sang all the way home; one who recognized my son’s love of books and brought him to a point where, not yet two years old, he was sitting for an entire reading of The Cat in the Hat and then reciting some of the words –  I realized that average is not a word I want to accept for any of my son’s teachers at any point in his life.

Average is something that, as a perfectionist, I need to find a level of acceptance of.

But I am struggling with this.

I think I don’t like the word average when it is used as an excuse to settle for less, and especially when it is used to sum up the style of someone who is a teacher.   I’m kind of sick of the word.



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