Snow Day

I am working on a free write today for the weekly linkup on Just Write.  

A snow day still has the excitement of childhood when I used to jump out of bed to look out the window.  That, mixed with a small amount of adulthood morning tiredness and not wanting to come out from under the heavy comforter.

I have plans for this day.

I plan to experience the newly fallen snow, which is the perfect consistency for the first snowman of the season, and this experience with snow will be the first of my son’s life (that I know of, because he has a whole other set of experiences at his father’s that I know nothing about – but that is another story and not welcome as part of this snow day).

I have plans today to layer up with fleece and pour hot chocolate in a travel mug; to go outside in the not-yet-shoveled front walkway and make tracks with our feet like in the book The Snowy Day (a recent favorite).  I have plans to build a snowman (or snow lady, or snow kid if my hands get numb quickly).  And I plan to take pictures of my beautiful son enjoying our first snow day in the fluffy white snow.

But he has other plans.

He plans to build Thomas tracks, watch Elmo and Gabba, build puzzles, and stack Curious George books on the couch for me to read to him.

His response is continuing through the morning to be “No” when I ask if he’s ready to get dressed and go play in the snow!

I had plans.   But this plan is warmer.








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