The Binky Box

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The binkies have been part of our life since the day he was born.   A certain “style” of binky was the only kind he would take.   Not easily found in stores, but available to order online (which I did, in bulk).

This past summer, just after his second birthday, I realized I needed to start the binky detox process.   I found a book, Baby’s Binky Box, where the binky looked almost exactly like his, and better yet, was called a “binky” just like he calls his.

We started reading.   He listened.   No response when I asked him if he’d like to make a box for his binkies.     He handed me another book from the pile he’d selected and stated “read this one.”

Until last week, that was our only converstion about the binkies.   As much as I’d like to prolong my mommy obligation to decrease his reliance on the binky for nighttime security, I know I have to face this process as he reaches the age of three.

Last week we made the binky box, set it with cotton ball pillows and a blankie (facecloth) for the binkies.    He happily put the binkies inside, until bedtime when he happily took them back out.

I reminded him that the binkies need their own bed, and he said “not today.”

In the book, the same feelings are expressed by the baby, who then sleeps with the binky one more night before releasing it to it’s own box (bed) the next night.

Following that lead, I allowed for one more night.

That was five nights ago.

One night – he climbed into bed, leaving the binkies in the box.   I clicked on the nightlight, feeling the wash of relief that the mission was accomplished in just two nights, without a tantrum, without crying, without sadness.

A few minutes later, as I settled into bed and warmed up with a heavy comforter and Netflix remote, I heard his sweet little voice: “mommy my mouth is cold.”

I listened for a minute, silence, and then his voice again calling “mommy.”  I went to his bedside, saying “your mouth is cold?”

Which he responded “Yes.  I need a binky to warm it up.”

I gave it to him.

I know I need to follow through.    I don’t know if it will be harder for him to give up the binkies or for me to persevere when he realizes that detaching feels so uncomfortable at first.


2 responses to “The Binky Box

  1. Aw, hang in there. Sounds like he’s going to be ready soon!

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