This is My Home

I love this gallery on 52 Photos.    At first, I thought I couldn’t take or find a photo that would show my home in a way that represents what I consider “home” without necessarily attaching it to a specific place, but to what I create as a home once I am in a space.

For New Year’s Day this year, I saw an amazing bundle of white hydrangeas during a grocery trip.   I hesitated spending the money for them (I had a short list for this trip).   I circled around and came back, putting them in the cart and feeling the excitement of a splurging on something that wasn’t going to be a permanent fixture in my home but would bring something beautiful to look at, for however long it lasted.

It was a reminder to myself that it is my responsibility – and mine alone – to bring something beautiful into my life, starting with something as easy as flowers for the table.    This bundle is a stem of Eucalyptus leaves with reddish-green berries sticking out near every leaf.  It was a stand-alone bundle, not mixed with anything traditional or colorful.   I like that.

Looking around my home, I see many other ways I have settled into a space and feel at home every time I come through the front door.

I will always have books and bookshelves (hopefully built-ins).

A wrap-around porch was something I hoped to have someday when living in other places.  Now that I live in a place that has one, I hope I will always have one no matter where I live.    As winter passes, I think the porch furniture and toys in the garage and find myself planning this year’s porch arrangement.   Pretty soon, pansies will arrive and my flower boxes will be the first project that brings me outside to this empty, waiting space.

I love coming home every day.



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