Outside of the Lines

52 Photos Project


Thinking “outside the lines” took some thought! I look around and see moments and objects I want to save. To try taking these moments “outside the lines” of what might be expected for a photo, this has been a fun challenge.

When I stopped trying, I saw it.

A huge shadow that makes an otherwise large balloon look small. The Valentine’s Day balloon that his tiny voice declared: “I want that one” as we looked for a regular red heart balloon (the typical 1.99 kind).

This balloon was not 1.99. But he was my valentine and he wanted that balloon. He smiled and watched the balloon clerk pump helium into it. He held it’s ribbon tight, passing the other ribbon – the regular red 1.99 balloon – to me, stating: “this is mommy’s”

5 weeks later and this balloon still floats, leaving a large shadow on my kitchen ceiling and reminding me of love in the form of a big fluffy balloon.


My other attempt to look outside the lines for a photo was to try taking a sunset photo through a window screen – (instead of opening the screen and trying for a clear or perfect view).

I almost passed this view without noticing, focusing instead on cleaning up and getting the bed routine started. I notice that even though the trees are still bare and I am eager for buds and blooms outside, bare trees leave room for an awesome view, even through a window screen.





3 responses to “Outside of the Lines

  1. Choosing by the heart trumps 1.99 any time….! Thanks for the story and the photo – amazing, both.

  2. Choosing by the heart trumps 1.99 any time…! Thanks for sharing the story and the photos –

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